What does Trump’s body language say about his mindset? Let us count the ways

What does Trump’s body language say about his mindset? Let us count the ways

One of the famous eccentricities Donald Trump has his own brand shake hands – the shark. In general, the President of the United States did this by raising his elbow so that his hand fell on the other person, who catches them and from the pump with violence, drawing the person from time to time. Another version involves trying to grab a person’s hand and the environment in a circular motion. M. Trump probably sees his own behavior as an expression of his natural enthusiasm, but his true purpose is to allow him to force the other person – literally and figuratively, to eliminate them.

We saw it a few months ago when Shinzo Abe visited the White House. Sitting side by side, Mr. Trump tight Japanese side the prime minister in a 19-second extended handshake complemented by numerous jambs and dominant legs at the top of the hand. When it all ended, the appearance of a huge relief in the face of the Japanese Prime Minister, it was clear for everyone to see. But the offshoot was clearly absent from the first formal meeting between M. Trump and Justin Trudeau, because the Canadian Prime Minister has succeeded in neutralizing M. Trump entered his personal space and clutched himself by squeezing the upper right arm M. Trump With his left hand. In this round of strong arms issues, M. Trudeau was undoubtedly the undisputed winner.
When Mr. Trump began his first overseas tour, everyone wondered if he was going on the run. During your visit to the Vatican, will you be able to resist the temptation to beat Pope Patronage by the hand, or would German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other European leaders try to force?

Upon arrival, his handshake continued to play a leading role, but not necessarily as one might expect. In Brussels, at an organized meeting and reception, M. Trump, with a phalanx of other European leaders, between Merkel and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg addressed the new French President Emmanuel Macron. When he approached, it was clear that Mr. Macron queued to participate First M. Trump, without any warning, addressed Merkel. M. Trump was understandably surprised – perhaps even annoyed – by this change, as he immediately presented his palms Mr. Macron, as saying: “He is my friend, I thought we were to greet first!”

After welcoming Merkel with a kiss, Mr. Macron then shook hands with M. Stoltenberg, who was next to M. Trump, so the President of the United States is about to be accepted as a result, all of a sudden – and to top it all off – D. Macron has moved away from M. Trump and shook hands with someone else!

When the French president finally arrived in the United States, M. Trump offered his hand to the position of the palms. Strictly speaking, it is a gesture, as it offers a dominant role symbolically to the other person. But M. Trump does not do it because he feels inferior. No, not at all – why he has his hand on his hand is to calm the other person in a false sense of security. Because when Mr. Macron took his hand, Mont. Trump began pumping a circular handshake, indicating that he was in control. Recognizing the same reception process, Mr. Macron tried half a heart to mitigate the dramatic grimaces that M. Trump inflicted on the handshake by grasping the arm with his left hand.

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