Ola, Mahindra come on board Nagpur’s electric mass mobility system

Ola, Mahindra come on board Nagpur’s electric mass mobility system

New Delhi to Strengthen Electric Mobility Nagpur, Ola and Mahindra announced Friday their collaboration with the Government of India in a first single construction program of a mass electric mobility ecosystem in Nagpur, which would result in change of transformation in the landscape Of the automotive and transportation in the country.

The first project of the multimodal electric vehicle was inaugurated in Nagpur airport complex by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis Maharashta and the union minister for road and motorway transport Nitin Gadkari.

“The state of Maharashtra focuses on promoting positive change for the collective improvement of the society in which we live, and we welcome and encourage such initiatives. In support of this initiative, we gave up VAT, road tax and registration Of all electric vehicles in the state, “Fadnavis said.

“It is urgent to rethink and revise transport infrastructure and dependence on fuels, not only in India but throughout the world. The widespread adoption of electric vehicles can make a monumental change that we need emergency, and to this end, we launched 100 percent of the EV nation by 2030. It is encouraging to see Indian companies like Mahindra and Ola taking the vision of government and building a solid sustainable mobility ecosystem, “said Gadkari.

This project aims to bring vehicles in different segments, including postal buses, taxis, E-e-rickshaws and post offices in Ola application, allowing Nagpur citizens to book these vehicles for their transportation needs.

The pilot project should start with a fleet of 200 people, including 100 new E2O More Mahindra vehicles. The rest of the fleet consists of other sources other than the manufacturer, including vehicles from Tata Motors, Kinetic, televisions and BYD, among others.

Gadkari and Fadnavis marked this fully electric fleet Dr. Ambedkar Babasaheb International Airport attended key dignitaries and thousands of citizens. This was followed by the inauguration of the Ola electric charging station, which is located in the airport complex. This unique facility is the first of its kind and will power the fleet.

Ola has already invested more than Rs. 50 million rupees to electric vehicles and cargo infrastructure, from more than 50 recharging points at four strategic points in the city of Nagpur.

By putting a clear focus on building an entire ecosystem around sustainable mobility, Ola also invest in training and education pilot partners on the maintenance and use of automotive technology with key OEM partners like Mahindra.

“India has the need and the possibility to give a global example of energy adoption to fuel its mobility needs. We believe that multimodal electric mobility will be essential to achieving our mission to build mobility billion Indian,” said Bhavish Aggarwal, co-founder and CEO, Ola.

“As pioneers of electric vehicles in India, we are delighted to provide a first shared sustainable mobility service in Nagpur with the Government of India and Ola. In the spirit of” Do-in-India “we must lead this change in India with the government, this project will prepare the wave for broader adoption of electric vehicles, “said Pawan Goenka, MD, general manager of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Electric vehicles will play an important role in reducing urban pollution that affects many cities in India and leads to health risks. With increased penetration of EV and a possible transition to 100 percent, the country and its citizens benefit greatly, allowing a paradigm shift in lifestyles – to smart mobility and smart cities.

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