Laptop Ban: US May Expand Ban to All Flights Into and Out of the Country

Laptop Ban: US May Expand Ban to All Flights Into and Out of the Country

The United States could ban laptops from aircraft booths on all flights to and from the country as part of a larger effort to protect against potential security threats, said Sunday’s National Security Secretary John Kelly.

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Kelly said the United States aims to “raise the bar” on airline safety, including stricter investigation of handheld items.

“That’s what obsessed terrorists are, the idea of ​​knocking down an aircraft in flight, especially if it’s a US carrier, especially if it’s full of American people.”

In March, the government has imposed restrictions on large electronic devices in aircraft booths on flights from 10 airports, including the UAE, Qatar and Turkey.

Kelly said the move would be part of a larger effort for aviation security to combat what he called a “truly sophisticated threat.” He said he had not made a decision on when any ban.

“We always follow intelligence,” he said, “and we’re trying to define it, but we’re going to raise the bar in general aviation much higher than it is now.”

Airlines are concerned that a broad ban on laptops may erode customer demand. But no one wants an incident aboard their planes.

“Anyway, we will comply,” said Oscar Muñoz, CEO of United Airlines, at the company’s annual meeting last week.

The airlines have been blinded in January when President Donald Trump has issued an executive order banning 90-day entry for citizens of Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, sending the airlines to determine Who could board and who could not. Then the order was blocked in court.
In the case of laptops, management retains the loop industry. Delta Air Lines said in a statement that it “is still in close contact with the US Department of Homeland Security,” while Muñoz applauded the administration to give the company a “heads-up”.

“We have had constant updates on the subject,” he said. “We know more than most. And again, if there is a credible threat, we need to make sure we take the appropriate measures.”
Further examination of carry-on luggage
Among the improved security measures, the detection of transport products is likely to be more difficult to allow Transport Security Administration agents to discern problematic items in well-filled bags.

Kelly said that in order to avoid paying fees to check bags, it filled people to the point that it was difficult to see through the clutter.

“The more things less professional ASD they are seeing what’s in those bags through the monitors can tell what they are in them.”

The TSA began testing some of the new procedures in a limited number of airports, forcing people to remove additional items from bags to separate projections.

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